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Noises in Your Attic?

Noise coming from your attic is a telltale sign of a creature problem. It could be rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, or racoons. It is imperative that you address this problem before the animals multiply. We use a seven-step process.

  1. Interview the customer to determine what they are hearing and when they are hearing it.
  2. Inspect the house including the roof to locate the entry points.
  3. Seal the entry points.
  4. Install an exit only cage, a Have a Heart trap or rat traps as needed.
  5. Leave in place until the noises are gone.
  6. Remove the traps and in the case of opossums or racoons, relocate the animals.
  7. Repair all entry points so they cannot be used again.

When the animals are trapped inside, they will use the exit point we provide for them.

Rat Control

They are very wary creatures and may not go to rat traps for some time. But, when they cannot use their normal entry points and are trapped inside, they will go to the traps for food.

Squirrel Control

When they are trapped inside, they will search for a way out and will locate our exit cage. Once they go through the cage, they cannot re-enter.

BugX Exterminators offers the best professional rodent and wildlife control in Florida. We have the experience necessary to eliminate vermin and keep them from returning. All our rodent and wildlife exclusion work carries a one-year warranty. If the animals come back, so do we at no additional charge during the year’s warranty!

BugX Exterminators is licensed and insured, serving Brooksville, Spring Hill, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Crystal River, Homosassa, Inverness, and all areas of Hernando, Pasco, and Citrus Counties, Florida with over 30 years of experience.

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