Port Richey Termite Control Services


Port Richey, Florida, is located in Pasco County, and features a population of approximately 3,300. Port Richey is a small city, with a small population. Incorporated as a municipality in 1925, Port Richey has retained it's small town charm despite the development of neighboring cities and towns. Port Richey features about 1,400 households throughout it's 2.7 square miles.

Get a professional termite inspection

Subterranean termites and drywood termites are both found throughout Port Richey. The subterranean termite enters the structure from the ground to feed on wood and other cellulose materials. These pests are capable of getting through and around concrete slabs, bricks, and blocks. They are relentless in their search for food. Drywood termites can enter a structure without contact from the ground, and pose just as much of a threat as subterranean termites do. The best line of defense against a termite infestation is a professional termite inspection. A professional can identify termites and determine the best strategy for termite control.

BugX is your Port Richey termite control expert!

BugX Exterminators has been offering termite inspections and termite control throughout Port Richey since 2007. Our professional exterminators know how to inspect and treat for both drywood termites and subterranean termites. We also customize termite treatment plans specific to your individual needs, as every property and infestation is different. Contact our professionals today!

Why should I consider BugX Exterminators for termite control?

  • Termites can be actively feeding on your structure for 3 to 5 years before you know they are there.
  • They only need a crack 1/32nd of an inch wide to get into your home.
  • In Florida, there are 13 Subterranean Termite colonies per acre. Subterranean Termites will find your home.
  • Termites can do tens of thousands of dollars in damage
  • Termites are not covered under your homeowner’s insurance.