Mole Trapping & Removal in Land O' Lakes

Mole2In Florida, it is common for homes and yards to be affected by mole infestations. With the weather being conducive and food available in plenty, moles can show up in your backyard unexpectedly but you will be sure to notice them. Having moles in your garden can be a problem as they dig deep into the ground in search of food. These wild animals can damage your lawn, garden, landscaping elements and also decrease the value of your home. If you suspect an infestation, it is highly recommended that you seek prompt professional help for mole trapping and removal. 

How Can Moles Cause Harm?

Moles are insectivores and eat about 80 percent of their weight everyday. They have a very high metabolism owing to the fact that they are constantly digging underground. They love to eat bugs, insects, larvae and worms from moist soil. In the process, moles can dig up dirt aggressively and build underground runways beneath your lawn. Moles, if left untreated, can be an overwhelming menace causing harm to your expensive landscaping, plants and trees. Since they can burrow randomly in search of food, they might even end up inside your home. Moreover, their tunnels can be perfect shelters for snakes and mice. 

Get Rid Of Moles For Good With BugX Exterminators

When it comes to moles, home remedies and toxic chemical repellents might cause more damage than good. Our experienced mole control experts will be able to analyze the extent of infestation and use the most effective trapping and removal methods to get rid of moles permanently. We serve all of Hernando County, Pasco County and Citrus County. We use eco-friendly and harmless methods for mole removal. Our pest specialists can help you protect your home and yard from unwanted intruders all year around. Contact BugX Exterminators today for a free quote. 

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