Pocket Gopher Trapping & Removal Services

BugX Exterminators is proud to serve customers in need of various critter-removal services, and we specialize in locating and removing pocket gophers. Our professionals are friendly and experienced, and we are always happy to answer questions about our methods and rationale. Some of our customers are interested in the different techniques used for single and multiple gophers, for example. We are always ready to provide the information you need to make an informed decision. 

gopherCommon Pocket Gopher Problems in Hernando, Pasco & Citrus Counties

Pocket gophers are active critters, and they are fond of digging their homes into the ground. However, they also disturb a variety of peripheral items around the home. Their activities can cause problems for homes when they disturb utility cables or various pipes. They can cause damage to lawns and even young trees by their digging and burrowing activities. They cause annoyance to people when they leave droppings lying around; however, many homeowners are also perturbed by the amount of financial damage that can result from these activities. 

Although pocket gophers appear cute to some homeowners, they can be remarkably difficult to trap and remove. They are incredibly proficient in burrowing into the soil, and their presence can be undetected for long periods of time. They appear to be languid when traveling above ground, but this belies the amount of damage they can cause when they are actively burrowing underneath the surface. Our professional services are the perfect response to this situation. BugX Exterminators provides the expertise necessary to identify the pocket gophers and remove them from the premises. We are proud to offer a free estimate to all of our customers in need of gopher trapping and removal services.

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