Pocket Gopher Removal in Spring Hill & Surrounding Areas

Pocket gophers are furry creatures that tunnel under ground in search of root systems to eat and a place to live. Their name comes from their cheeks which are designed to expand to carry food and nesting material. They are solitary creatures and will not tolerate another pocket gopher in their tunnel except when they have a litter. Our animal control experts remove pocket gophers throughout Spring Hill, Brooksville, Weeki Wachee, Dade City, Land O' Lakes, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Crystal River, Homosassa, Inverness and the surrounding areas.

Identifying a pocket gopher

In irrigated areas, they can produce up to 3 litters per year with 5 to 6 pups each. We only know they are there when we see mounds of dirt on our lawn. Their excavation requires them to push soil on top of the lawn and we see piles of dirt 12 to 24 inches in diameter and 6 to 10 inches high. (Any smaller than this, you may be dealing with Moles.) The problem is that pocket gophers can take a beautiful lawn and turn it into a mess in a hurry if not addressed. They eat the roots of shrubs and trees and can do significant damage including killing the plants. BugX Exterminators offers pocket gopher control services for the prompt, effective, and efficient removal of pocket gophers from your yard.

There are many products on the “do-it-yourself” market for pocket gopher control, such as poison pellets and poison grains. These generally are ineffective because if the pocket gopher should eat some and not consume a lethal dose, it will get sick and avoid them forever. Pellets and grains also sour after a short period of time in the ground and are a danger to other animals that may come in contact with them. There are also vibrating stakes, ultrasonic devices and wind powered pin wheels for pocket gopher removal. These too are ineffective because pocket gophers do not scare easily. They get used to the noises that we create when we water our lawn, mow our lawns and drive our vehicles.

Know when to contact our professionals

BugX Exterminators offers pocket gopher removal in Pasco, Hernando, and Citurs counties. Our treatment is 100% guaranteed. Our products and techniques are only available to state certified pest control operators and are highly effective. We offer a monthly maintenance agreement for our customers who live in an area with a high pocket gopher population. Instead of spending your valuable time and money, fumbling with “do-it-yourself” products and methods, contact BugX Exterminators and speak with one of our experts in animal control service.

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