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BugX Exterminators is a professional service that helps people who are bothered by the presence of wildlife on their property. Our company specializes in armadillo removal, which is designed to spare owners from the property damage caused by these animals. 

Armadillos are relatively common, but they are not always visible on account of their behavior. They prefer to remain in cool areas of underbrush, and they also like to dig their burrows in the ground. They can create a nuisance when doing so because they leave smelly droppings in the area. Professional assistance may be required when attempting to trap these critters. 

Removing Armadillos in Pasco, Hernando and Citrus Counties

The first step for successfully removing armadillos is to correctly identify the critter and create a relevant action plan. Armadillos may be present in areas that experience the presence of fire ants, which they enjoy eating. If they remain on the premises for extended periods of time, they could cause extensive damage to the property because of their activity. In addition, an armadillo may have left behind multiple burrows, and this can increase the potential for other armadillos to make their homes in the remaining burrows. This could happen sometime in the future, so it is important to get the job done right the first time. 

The best method for removing these critters from the property is to locate and remove every burrow; however, trapping and removal is a special skill, so professional assistance is often necessary. For armadillo identification and trapping services, contact BugX Exterminators today. We offer a free quote to give you an idea of the cost of trapping and removing the armadillos. 

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